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We make Cultural history come alive again!

The ATKV’s Hartenbos museum is situated in the cultural heartland of Afrikaans. This top-class facility focuses on the Great Trek, and houses a variety of interesting depictions and exhibitions that have been tastefully arranged with attractive antiquities to create an accurate representation of the living conditions of the Voortrekker pioneers of 1835 to 1848.

Apart from the lifelike portrayals of the Great Trek, the museum offers a commemorative exhibition about the Symbolic Oxwagon Trek of 1938, a very special representation of an authentic little shop from the olden days as well as a depiction of the history of Hartenbos.

The stunning museum is located 40 km from George along the Indian Ocean, and forms part of the sun-drenched beaches of greater Mossel Bay. Friendly staff members stand ready to guide you through some of the most poignant moments in the Afrikaner’s cultural history, which not only shaped the Afrikaner’s past, but certainly also that of the broader South Africa.

The ATKV’s decision to establish the Hartenbos museum dates back to 1937 already. As the idea for the Symbolic Oxwagon Trek of 1938 originated in Hartenbos, the Great Trek (1835 to 1848) was identified as the main theme for the facility.
Do visit this unique museum where the Great Trek comes alive again!


Hall 1: Preparing for the Great Trek.
Hall 2: Outspanning by late afternoon.
Hall 3: Repairing the wagons.
Hall 4: Forming a laager as fortification against attacks.
Hall 5: Recreation during the Great Trek.
Hall 6: Day-to-day chores, such as baking bread and making candles.
Hall 7: Settling after the Great Trek. The family assembles for family prayers.
Hall 8: The Voortrekker’s pursuit of freedom, as depicted by a state president.
Hall 9: Various items collected during the Symbolic Oxwagon Trek (1938).
Hall 10: The history of Hartenbos.

Visiting Hours

Mondays to Fridays:
(Museum is closed between 13:00 and 14:00) and public holidays:

Saturdays and Day of Reconciliation (16 December)

Nominal entrance fee applies


Tel: +27 (44) 695-2183
Fax: +27 (44) 695-0770
Email: hartenbos@atkv.org.za