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Day Visitors (ATKV members only)

The day visitors policy of the ATKV resorts applies to ATKV members only!

Even though ATKV members enjoy preference when making bookings at the resorts, the ATKV has long been following the policy that resort accommodation is open to everyone. (Note: Only ATKV members may visit the resort as day visitors.) Last year, South Africa celebrated its 18th year of democracy. When the new dispensation dawned, the ATKV unequivocally committed itself to it, based on the resolutions by several of the organisation’s congresses.

The ATKV regards itself as an active role player in building new structures for the future, in order to become a vital part of an inclusive South Africa that is acceptable to all, including to ATKV members.
Holidaying, among others, is closely related to the recreational component of culture. For this very reason, the ATKV aims to make the holidaying experience of the Afrikaans cultural community an enjoyable one. Holiday programmes are built around the family, and focus on aspects such as family entertainment, safety, a peaceful holiday environment and mutual respect among holidaymakers for each other’s needs. To ensure such an enjoyable holiday experience, certain rules apply at the resorts, including:

  • a limit on the number of day visitors allowed;

  • silence after 23:00;

  • no alcohol consumption at the swimming pools;

  • a strict prohibition on drunkenness;

  • respect for the human dignity of each visitor who enters the resort as a paying guest; and

  • no entry to visitor buses that have not made any prior arrangement.

This policy is implemented to create an atmosphere in which all visitors can truly relax. This is supported by presenting each visitor with the opportunity to experience the environment and the entertainment offering. Therefore, those in contravention of the rules are warned once or twice, following which drastic action is taken. This may involve eviction from the resorts.

To ensure that no day visitor to any ATKV resort spoils our resident guests’ fun, day entry must be arranged with the resort in advance. This is particularly important during school holidays and over long weekends. As the recreational facilities attract an especially large number of visitors over long weekends and the April and December school holidays, only a limited number of cars will be admitted to the resort per day. At ATKV Klein-Kariba, this limit is set at 50 cars per day, while both ATKV Goudini Spa and ATKV Buffelspoort will admit 30 cars. At ATKV Natalia, no additional visitors will be permitted over the aforementioned periods due to limited parking in the resort.

All visitors are treated equally, but only members are entitled to booking preference. A main member must be present when such booking is made and executed. Bookings are made consistently and any person who fails to respect other visitors’ human dignity and objects to their presence will be reimbursed and requested to leave the resort.
Day visitors may visit the resorts between 08:00 and 18:00 daily. More stringent measures have been put in place to ensure that day visitors comply, unless arranged otherwise with the management of the particular resort.

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